Things I am putting on my face

‘Austerity’ is my own personal motto this year, which means that I’m trying to find cheaper alternatives to the more expensive parts of my skincare routine as they run out. Someone recommended the Pure range from WaitroseSo I thought that I’d give it a go and bought the facial oil and the face polish.IMG_3287The facial oil is good, I use it at night after I’ve washed my face (in the evening, I cleanse with Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter and a hot flannel, it’s the lazy oil cleansing method and for me it works, brilliantly) it’s light and does a good job. The recommendation is to use it once a week but I’m using a couple of drops every night and my skin hasn’t broken out or had any sort of reaction to it. In the morning, my skin feels soft and well hydrated. It’s not scented and not the experience that using the Clarins Lotus Oil is but it works

I was more worried about the face polish as I traditionally have more issues with them, but this wasn’t scratchy and didn’t make my face sting. It’s heavier and my skin came out feeling very soft but the oils in the polish sort of sat on my face for a bit. This didn’t worry me as I have quite dry skin and I wasn’t going out so I just skipped moisturiser for a bit and did other stuff. I wouldn’t put make up on my face after using this and I’ll see how I get on with it through the month but so far so good.

Both are £2.99 and worth checking out. The range is designed as a budget range with most items priced from £1.99 and not more that £3. I’m going to have a good at the eye serum, I think I may need to start with that now I’m well into my 40’s!


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