Food and Budget: 5/12 to 11/12/2015

This week was back to work and family lunch for Ma’s birthday. Ma had requested roast chicken and chips because it’s easy, Oli will eat it and who doesn’t like chicken and chips? I had bought 2 chickens a while ago and planned pavlova for lunch. It’s been ages since I’ve had to plan for bringing lunch to work and there are a couple of work things on this week so I had a basic list to keep it simple.

IMG_3549 IMG_3565IMG_3566

Also, I’ve decided that all non food items have to be separate from my food budget. Having said that I didn’t buy foil and I forgot to add sugar (the major component of pavlova!) to the list so that’s the additional thing I bought!  The total bill was £13.19, which left me £1.81 to go in the money pot. DSCF5042DSCF5043The cream, most of the potatoes and blueberries were used for the lunch on Saturday.IMG_3558For the rest of the week, I intended to use what was in the freezer and the vegetables, fortunately there were a couple of things on for Christmas at work so I didn’t have to put too much thinking into meal planning for the week, thank goodness, because work was tiring and I didn’t have much brain space to think about it!

On Sunday, I made a saute with the leftover new potatoes from Friday and the chicken from Saturday. I know that lots of people would have had loads of chicken left over but my family likes to eat and there wasn’t much left from those two small chickens, although the bones went in the freezer to be made into stock some other time.

I’m completely out of the habit of eating breakfast so I didn’t at all this week. I was out for work lunch on Monday and that was all I ate that day because by the time I got home I just wasn’t hungry and I was so tired, the downside of that was that I didn’t sufficiently prep for Tuesday so instead of bringing lunch in, I bought a sandwich. On Tuesday night I made a rice and black bean thing which was lovely and was lunch on Wednesday!

It with a fried egg and some carrots was dinner on Wednesday night too!DSCF5071Thursday, I was out for another work Christmas lunch and I didn’t eat at home all day. Friday I was home resting my poorly foot and realised that the yogurt in the fridge was nearing it’s dead date so I made flatbreads and dinner was some of them with sauted peppers and onions.  I also quick pickled some carrots nearing the end of their lives.DSCF5070

This week’s diet was lacking in fruit and vegetables, so I’ll make a bigger effort to include those next week and because there are Christmas meals out, my food plan will settle down.



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