Friday Links

Happy Friday! I’m still in work and migraine-y hell. Fortunately at some point today, I get to go home and cook pizza, so life is not all bad.  Here are this week’s links….

True patriotism isn’t singing an national anthem. And related Tony Blair isn’t a nice person…

A Short History of Regency Romance. So this is very interesting if, like me, you’re a fan of Heyer, although had no idea that Barbara Cartland basically copied Friday’s Child. I’m not surprised but now I’m gonna have the scene where Ferdy talks about ‘that Greek chap following him around’ in my head. (The Greek chap is Nemesis and it’s very funny – trust me!)

Homeless given night bus tickets. Austerity Britain people, this is what it means…

Mark Steele on the media and Jeremy Corbyn

Not ashamed, angry. This is about the US but if you replace food stamps with working tax credits, it’s just an relevant here.

The Apostles Creed in reality.

This. How the Pope Might Renew the Church.

Cameron and the dead pig. Something that Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t been accused off, also how long before Corbyn gets blamed for it?

Addenbrookes and the CQC and what’s really going on.

Not lonely, single.  There are lonely parts of being single but they aren’t the same thing.

There’s nothing wrong with putting make up on the train. Yes there is Sali. It’s very wrong and is unacceptable behaviour. I understand that you have a long commute from Brighton but no, just no. Reapplying lipstick, acceptable. Full face of make up no, no, no…

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