Friday Links

Happy Friday! Last week’s impromptu blog holiday means that some of these links are a bit old but never mind!

Affordable sparkling wines that aren’t Prosecco. Ha! the Charles de Fère Brut is currently my favourite fizz and I bought 6 when it was £7 a bottle and 25% off six!

New Zealanders cull the wrong bird. File under not sure whether to laugh or cry but they’ve reduced the population by 5% so I’m going with cry

New London Theatre. Could be interesting.

‘Affordable’ shared ownership flat for £1 million.

Where could you buy a house in England and Wales. It’s not good for me, 77% of the country is out of my price range. I can’t even afford Amble and I’d need another 100k or so to afford anywhere where I currently live..

America should do better with gun control

PMS Survival Kit. Bring it too me now, preferable with a tub of ice cream and a gin and tonic…

Tom Holland on the ruins at Palmyra  ISIS is not medieval, but they are barbaric and blowing up history is actually the least worst thing they are doing.

The hypocrisy of the West about the ‘migrant crisis’. I’m really struggling with this but this is about right..

it is just standard Western hypocrisy laid a little more bare than usual. If you actually want to help Syrian refugee children like the little boy in the viral photo, it’s not enough to care about this single dead child; you have to care about living refugee kids too, and in fact you also have to care about living refugee adults. If the image of the Syrian refugee boy made you feel something, that’s great, but it only matters for making an actual difference in the world if you can apply those feelings to living refugees as well.


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