August Recap/September Goals

I really enjoyed August, it was a proper holiday month. There was my birthday and Ryan’s wedding and 7 days off work. It was lovely.

  • I had 1 migraine this month, on a day off no less, but I can lay the blame on that firmly on having too much fun, booze and late nights on my week off at the end of the month.
  • It was an ok month for exercise. I haven’t been regular with the body balance classes but I have taken up a 30-ish minute walk as part of my journey to and from work. It’s a really good way for me to mark the change between work and home. Over August, I’ve taken nearly 300,000 steps, which given that I didn’t wear the fitbit for quite a lot of the last week in August is pretty good.
  • My eating has been much the same, my sleep has been much the same, I’m still 4 to 5 hours a night, not great but not too bad for me.
  • I bought 4 books last month which means I can only buy 5 this year but I’m on the home straight with only 4 months of the year left and no trip to Barter Books in October.
  • The house is tidy and clean but that’s about it. I need to clean the oven again!
  • I barely stuck to the budget this month there was too much fun happening in August!

September Plans and Goals

September is not a very busy month. I have an allotment volunteer day, 2 birthday parties, for a 43 and a 4 year old. Waiting for the new niece or nephew, due any day now! Mostly though September is a month for getting back on track. It’s been more than 20 years since I was tied to the school/uni calendar but September is the time to clean up my act and get back into a routine. Also, although the clocks don’t go back until the end of October, it’s darker in the morning and evenings and that makes mornings harder to deal with, so this month has to be about forming the habits that will (hopefully) ensure that I’m not a wibbering heap of SAD when the lack of sun really kicks in on the lead up to Christmas!


I know that exercise is good for mild depression (which is essentially what SAD is for me) so I need to exercise a bit, I’m starting (actually started) doing 20 squats, 10 sit-ups, 10 press-ups: and a 10 sec plank every day. It isn’t much at all but I’m increasing the first three by one and the plank by 2 sec each morning. By the end of the month I’ll be doing 49/39 and a plank for over a minute. Which gives me a good base for October.

2 body balance classes a week. It is the bare minimum, I actually hope to do 3-4 a week but work is nuts in the first 2 weeks of the month with meetings that run on and on, unfortunately, leaving because you have a class is frowned upon!

2 x 30 minute walks Monday to Friday. I’ve been doing this more or less since the tube strikes and walking is good for you…

Yoga before bed every day. As part of having a proper bedtime routine and wind down before lights out, which is 10pm Sunday to Thursday. 

With the exception of Kathy’s birthday and maybe champagne when the newest member of the family arrives, September is a no alcohol month. I don’t view my drinking as excessive but with birthdays, holidays, a night at Christelle and Mike’s and a wedding, my consumption was higher than usual in August and I’m feeling a bit jaded, so a small period of abstinence is probably no bad thing!IMG_2825


This is another more of the same goal, don’t buy any books…photo


It’s pretty tidy at the moment but there are a couple of things that I need to attend to.

  • Clean the oven (again!)
  • Clean the living room windows, these windows have been open most of the summer and the surrounds of them are filthy and need a good scrub
  • I need another bedroom clear out, I still have too much stuff!



This is more of the same, stick to the budget. You know actually stick to it rather than just barely avoiding disaster every month…

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