Weekend Tasklist

07/09/2015 – I’ve been not exactly sick this weekend but was under the weather and not feeling my sparkly best, so I’m ok with what I didn’t do, but I will try to do most of it during the week. It’s worth noting that the things I didn’t get to are the things I don’t like doing (hoovering and cleaning the floors are the one housework chore I would pay someone to do! It’s a loathing I come by honestly – it’s Ma’s most hated job too!) or required too much effort, it’s easy to change the bed but ironing means getting the iron and ironing board set up! 

Because Saturday is slightly jam packed (allotment volunteering, making a birthday cake, helping Kathy set up for her party, going to said party) and because I’m all about trying to be more intentional and organised this month. I’m bringing back the weekend tasklist! I’m going to update it as I go, so if you’re bored and want check what I’ve managed to do, come back on Sunday night and have a look!


  • General clean (sort out the recycling and rubbish, mopping the floor and general cleaning)
  • Clean the oven


  • Food prep for next week.
    • Bake Kathy’s cake
    • Make muffins
    • Make bread


  • General clean (mop floor, change towels, empty bin, clean bath, sink and toilet)


  • General clean (sweep floor, change bed, dust, general tidy)

Living RoomIMG_3150

  • General clean (sweep floor, dust, tidy sofa, put things away etc)


  • Hoover

General things

  • Shopping
  • Washing (clothes wash, white wash, towel wash)
  • Ironing
  • Wash make up brushes
  • Water plants
  • Back up laptop
  • Charge kindle, ipad and camera batteries
  • Handwashing
  • Exercise

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