Life Happened – A tiny bit broken

After the birthday week of loveliness, it was back to earth with a bump for a full week of work and my busiest work week of the month.

What saved me this week was my decision to walk a bit more. I’ve changed my journey into work and go into Paddington Station, from there I walk to the office. It takes roughly half an hour and doing that walk twice a day, has had a huge impact on my mood. It really helps me draw a line between work and home and improved my step count on the Fitbit and this week I logged over 100,000 steps!

Work may not be good but good things are happening everywhere else, on Friday night I had dinner with Kathy and Adam with fizz to celebrate the adoption order being granted. As Kathy says, nothing has changed but everything has, I’m so pleased for them! Their eldest made me something to pin on my fridge, I’m taking it as a good thing because normally I’m not allowed to take the artwork home!IMG_3290On Saturday, the allotments had an open day, they are looking great. I also got lots of free cooking applesIMG_3295The waiting list as at April 2015 is 67 people and the 9 people at the top of the list joined in 2012. I joined in October 2014 so with any luck I’ll have an allotment by the time I’m 45!IMG_3296IMG_3297I spent Saturday night at Mike and Christelle’s, it was fun

As a result, I didn’t do much on Sunday!

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