I’m not a huge bread eater, I can demolish a baguette at warp speed, especially if there are also cheese and grapes, I love all sorts of bread and last summer had a whole weekly menu planned around a loaf of sourdough, some hummus and cous cous salad.

But it’s not something I always have in the house, I rarely buy it and my sourdough starter has learned to survive with my neglectful ways. Sometimes though you just need something bready and then you google flatbreads and it comes up with Jamie Oliver’s recipe, which by some miracle, you have all the ingredients for so you halve the recipe and there you are. Flatbreads.    IMG_3082
Sometimes the best tasting things come from a few really simple ingredients and this is one of those times.  I had some left over and they were great with lunches for the rest of the week, I would imagine that they’d freeze well and they’d be a great thing to get little children cooking in the kitchen.

This is also a place to talk about now useful natural yoghurt is. I really didn’t much care for it, but I started to eat it about five years ago because there isn’t a lot of calcium in my diet (except for cheese) so I made a concerted effort to learn to like it. Nowadays, it’s one of the things I always have in my fridge. I buy 3, 500ml tubs at least every other week (£1.29 well spent!), it goes as is into baking and pancakes or is strained and is my much cheaper version of greek yoghurt, which I eat for breakfast and/or use in the place of sour cream. So natural yoghurt is one of my most useful staples and good in flatbread, where I can pretend that it’s adding some nutrition to the flour in these!

The only change I made is that instead of flouring everything and rolling the flatbreads out, I used oil because it makes everything less sticky and easier to clean.

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