I love hummus.

Until this weekend, I’d never made it before. I have now and it’s a hundred times nicer than the bought stuff.

So if you are a fan of it, go check out this recipe (in fact if you want to cook something, you’ve never cooked before just check out ‘the perfect’ columns in the Guardian and see if Felicity Cloake has had a go at it. My friend Gill has confessed to being slightly obsessed with this column and the kedgeree that she made at Easter was from this column and was fantastic.  Because of Gill’s recommendation, I started to have a go and I’ve never tried something that hasn’t been great – although I’m not about to change my pizza base recipe for anyone!!).

It does sound like a lot of faff, using dried chickpeas, but I’ve eaten hummus made with tinned chickpeas and this stuff knocks that out of the water. I soaked the beans on Friday, cooked them on Saturday night and finally got around to making the hummus on Monday and it really wasn’t that difficult and didn’t have the funky smell that tinned chickpeas can have!

Anyway, this stuff is amazing and I can’t tell you how converted I am to homemade hummus, today I ate it with oatcakes, prawns and salad – best lunch ever!

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