Reasons to be Cheerful – May 2015

1) Haircuts always make me feel better especially when the fringe is this out of control.IMG_30232) Breakfasts with Ma.IMG_30253) Ducklings. If the sight of ducklings don’t make you smile, then I don’t know what to do with you…IMG_30314) Democracy and the Right to Vote. (Even when you don’t like the results!)IMG_30355) Paper aeroplanes and ‘how hot is it in other places?’ with the nephew. Also watching a five year old experience every football supporters worse nightmare, when your team is relegated and Aunty Nic’s team wins the Premiership (I’m not happy QPR went down but disappointment with your team is a rite of passage, especially if you opt to support QPR!)IMG_30436) Self portraits and a toddler offering to kiss a sore knee better!IMG_30587) Helping others. I don’t think that a stint in the Foodbank or helping someone clean their house makes me a good or better person, but it does put my ‘rubbish’ days in perspective.IMG_3064

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