Life Happened – Short Week

I only had 4 days at work this week and they really, really dragged!

Highlights of the week, included, this is the scary advertising fish outside the Park Cafe. So tell me does it make you more or less likely to eat there?IMG_3084This sort of summed up my week, on Thursday, I was lying in bed, just about to switch the lights off and I realised that I hadn’t made the pizza dough for Friday night. Fortunately the DALS pizza dough, which is my go-to dough is simple and quick but it’s not something I want to be doing when it’s bedtime.IMG_3085I was overly optimistic about the weatherIMG_3088Friday Night Pizza with MaIMG_3090Not pictured is dinner at Sarah and Justin’s, shopping, reading and generally lazing about on Sunday!


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