Friday Links

Happy Friday! I end this week feeling very tired and fed up with coughing (which I am still doing – no it’s not fair!).

I have also found out that I am considered wise because I know the order of  American presidents from Franklin Roosevelt to Obama, and the order of all English monarchs from William the Conqueror to present day (British Prime Ministers, I am much more shaky on). I don’t think I’m wise, I just think I retain information in a certain way, but it does come in handy when the lunchtime quiz team want to know how many English Queens there have been (6 if you include Mathilda & Jane Grey, 4 otherwise – Mary I, Elizabeth I, Mary II and Anne. Victoria and Elizabeth II were/are queens of the United Kingdom!) or the order of Presidents from Nixon to Regan (Nixon, Ford, Carter, Regan).

It’s been a quiet week for me, so only 4 links….

1) via Kate. Jacqueline Wilson is writing a modern version of What Katie Did. I’m horrified. There is no need for a new version, there’s nothing wrong with the original, yes it’s quite preachy (it’s not as bad as the Elsie books!) but it’s of its time and that’s why it’s delightful.

2) ‘By God, believe in something’. The list of reasons to love Michael Sheen, grows. Talented, seems lovely and I agree with his politics, I now have the biggest crush…

3) Boris Johnson has been ‘economical with the truth’ about the funding and maintenance of the garden bridge. Which is unsurprising, I don’t trust that man at all, he’s already broken his promise not to stand for Parliament while he is mayor and the garden bridge is a stupid idea and someone needs to put a stop to it..

4) When to obey ‘best before’ and ‘use-by’ dates. Nice to know that I already do all of this!


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