Oven Chips

There is not a lot to dislike about chips, done right they are perfect potatoey goodness, I don’t actually eat them as much as I’d like to because the best chips are the ones my mum makes (chips my mum makes are always the best chips!). Unfortunately for me, Ma retired from frying chips a long time ago. The fact that I still miss Saturday night dinners of fish and chips and the really strange strawberry pudding thing from Marks and Spencer, that Grandad used to bring on Saturday mornings, is a testament to how good those chips were, especially given that it’s got to be getting on for 25 years since Ma made them….

Deep frying anything is a cooking skill that I have never mastered and given how accident prone I am, I’m not even going to try, I set enough things on fire by accident as it is without adding hot fat to the mix, but sometimes, I want chips and good oven chips are the answer.

Home made oven chips are pretty simple, chip some potatoes, cover in oil, bung in the oven. It’s not rocket science. However, really good oven chips happen when you soak the chips in water first. I guess that this gets rid of the starch and helps them crisp up better. Generally, the longer you soak them the better, I tend to chip the potatoes in the morning and after an initial rinse, leave them in the water all day.


When I’m ready for dinner, I take the chips out of the water, dry them off on a tea towel and coat in oil. (For a bowl of chips this size, I use about a third of a cup of sunflower oil).

That done, they go on oven trays in a single layer and get baked in a hot oven (about 200C, which is where my oven is mostly set!) for anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes and turn them over once during cooking.

It’s pretty simple and really good with salt, vinegar and ketchup!



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