Food this week

My cooking has not been imaginative this week, mostly it’s been easy food that doesn’t require too much effort. Having said that, it’s still been pretty healthy..

What I mean by healthy, is unprocessed food. My diet doesn’t have much processed food in it and really like it like that. Yes, I do recognise that all the food I eat is processed to some extent, frozen veg doesn’t magically freeze itself, yoghurt doesn’t come into being and leap into cartons without processing in some way, neither does cheese for that matter, carrots do not clean and walk themselves to the supermarket!

I mean ready meals, food that has additives I can’t pronounce or things I wouldn’t put in the food I cook. This week (and I did have to look at this week’s food plan and think hard) the processed food, I’ve eaten consists of caramel wafers, oatcakes, a fruyo, this fish and some coffee ice cream.  I’m not knocking the occasional ready meal, our entire Christmas dinner was prepared by M&S and I’ve never cooked a fish pie in my life but I wouldn’t eat like that all the time. I couldn’t afford to eat like that all the time but even if I could, I don’t think it’s healthy.

Anyway this is what I’ve eaten /am going to eat this week

Saturday night was fish and chips. Fish from a packet and home made oven fries and it was really good but I will talk about it properly another time because we were far too interested in stuffing it in our gobs for me to take a proper photo!IMG_2740

Frittata for dinner on Sunday and then breakfast for 3 weekdays. My basic recipe is based on what’s always in the fridge, 6 eggs, a pepper, an onion, a carrot, mushrooms, feta. Other times, I chucked in leftover green beans and peas, leeks, roasted vegetables. Like my anything soup, which I’ve never put a recipe up for because it doesn’t have one, frittata is a great use for vegetables on the turn and is endlessly adaptable.DSCF2723

Monday night was French Onion Soup with extra sautéed vegetables.DSCF3946

Tuesday was a feta, grilled courgettes and rocket thing and there are no photos because I was hungry and wasn’t planning on telling you about what I ate this week.

Wednesday was the chickpea and spinach thing with a poached eggs.  This is still one of my favourite things to eat. I used 6 blocks of frozen whole leaf spinach (which I buy from Iceland because it’s nicer than the chopped frozen spinach from Sainsburys and to go completely off on a tangent, frozen veg and whole frozen fish fillets are good value from Iceland, provided you’re not one to go for the 100 different types of processed food you can buy there…)DSCF3038

Tonight, I’m out at Christina’s for dinner so who knows what’s for dinner! Tomorrow is Friday though so breakfast will be pain au raisin and dinner is Friday Night Pizza!20140317-065757.jpg


Lunches have been vegetables (carrots and peppers mostly) with boiled eggs and oatcakes or leftover chickpea thing. Snacks and puddings have been fruit and Dark chocolate tunnocks caramel wafers.

What have you been eating?

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2 Responses to Food this week

  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    I love this weekly round up! you’ve eaten so many delicious things this week. I make something similar to your chickpea and spinach with eggs but I use puy lentils instead, I will have to try your variation!

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