What I’ve Read – January 2015

It’s a new reading year! In line with my stated aim of not buying booked and getting through my ‘To Be Read’ pile and kindle list and to keep me honest, I’m going to list where the books came from mostly that should be

A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong – Cecilia Grant (Kindle TBR list)

This is a short novella in the Blackshear Family books. I love Grant’s writing style and this was delightful.

One Summer: America 1927 – Bill Bryson (Library book)

I love Bill Bryson, he has a great writing style, informative, funny and you want to keep reading. This is no different, things I didn’t know and learnt, what a git Herbert Hoover was, how many new things were happening in the 20’s, pretty much everything about Charles Lindbergh and early aeroplanes. Seriously, go and read.

The State We’re In – Adele Parks (Kindle TBR list)

I read it, I was underwhelmed. It was all too tidy and easy, even though I suspect the the the end was supposed to make people cry, I did not. It was free from Amazon and it’s one more book that I can take off the TBR list so I guess that counts for something!

Tigerman – Nick Harkaway (Library book)

Another Nick Harkaway book I love. That’s 3 for 3. Harkaway’s books are all utterly fantastic but also funny and sometimes wise. I love the plotting. This made me laugh out loud on the train:

You had to listen to what a Brit was saying – which was invariably that he thought XYZ was a terrific idea and he hoped it went very well for you – while at the same time paying heed to the the greasy, nauseous suspicion you had that, somehow the sum of the whole was that you’d have to be a mental pygmy to come up with this plan and a complete fucking idiot to pursue it. After six years working with the Brits in various theatres he’d come to the conclusion that they didn’t do it on purpose. The thing was, Brits actually thought that subtext was plain text.

The Second Chance Cafe – Alison Kent   (Kindle TBR List)

This came recommended but I didn’t like it at all. The characters felt flat and there was so much going on that wasn’t focused on the main couple, their story got lost.

Lady Windermere’s Lover – Miranda Neville (Kindle TBR List)

I did wish that the hero wasn’t such an idiot at the beginning and that the heroine and hero would just use their words but I enjoyed it and am seriously considering the rest of the series

Red Rising – Pierce Brown (Kindle TBR List)

I’m not sure if this is YA or not. I’m told it is, but apart from the age of Darrow, I can’t see why, it reads like science fiction and I’ve seen it shelved in Sci Fi at the library – which is what prompted me to read it. I liked it, I want to know what happens now and what the bigger plot is. I’ve reserved the next one at the library.

It Takes a Scandal – Caroline Linden (Kindle TBR List)

This was an easy read when I was ill, it’s a measure of how ill  I was that it took me 4 days. It’s nice to read a historical where the hero is a flawed human being, instead of a fabulously wealthy duke!

The Hydrogen Sonata – Iain M. Banks (Library Book)

The last Iain M. Banks novel I read was The Algebraist and I didn’t finish it (I generally enjoy his science fiction books but I couldn’t get into it) but I saw this in the library and decided to give this one a go.


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