Life Happened – Normal-ish

After the week of sick, I went back to work on Monday. I was (in fact, still am) a bit croaky and I have a cough from hell but was in that in between stage that everyone who has gone down with cold seems to have, not sick enough to be in bed but feeling quite miserable. Mostly I was just really, really tired and went to bed really early!

Work was busy and frustrating, mostly because I was playing catch but also because people don’t read emails, it’s very frustrating to be constantly repeating myself because people don’t take time to hear me the first time! Life will be much easier when I am the benign dictator of the world!

I did pop round to see Kathy, Adam and the children. K&A are tired, toddlers will do that to you, but the toddlers in question are delightful and they like me, so that’s quite an ego boost!

Friday was also a team building afternoon! (My company is very keen on team building and my boss is very anxious to ensure that they don’t take away that budget!). We went to  a paint your own pottery place. The challenge being to paint a mug for another member of the team that reflected what you know about them.IMG_2734I have zero artistic talent. I used to joke that my art teacher had a death wish….my death. I also got the boss.  So I went with a very simple idea and it wasn’t too horrendous..IMG_2737When it’s fired, it should come out in company colours!

That done we went for dim sum and I had a cocktail.IMG_2738

I then went home for a ‘disco nap’ so I had enough energy to go to Jenny’s for dinner. It was delightful, the food was amazing, the company excellent and I was in bed by midnight.

Saturday was chore day and Ma came for tea. We had fish and chips and fizz.IMG_2740And after a quiet Sunday, due to resurgence of the sore throat. I’m back at work.

The plan for this week is mostly to survive it. I’m at Christina and Fred’s for dinner on Thursday and volunteering at the allotments on Saturday morning aside from those things, I want to get to the gym, go to the library and get lots of sleep!








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