Friday Night Cocktail – Party Planning

No new cocktail this week, because I’ve not been home to make one.

My thoughts have turned to Christina’s birthday, I’m going to make drinks for it. We (she) needs to pick 3 or four drinks to offer as well as the usual wine or beer. Christina is  all about the gin but not everyone is so I’m thinking about what drinks she could have. So I’ve been thinking about my parties and past Friday Night Cocktail posts to narrow it down.

The Summer in a Glass is my favourite party cocktail. Although, I use homemade cocktail cherries and we don’t have any of those on hand. Maybe the rhubarb version of this that uses the same ingredients with rhubarb syrup replacing the sugar syrup.DSCF4330

Christina tells me that she’s been drinking gin sours and I love the basic building block of triple sec + lemon juice + spirit.

Which gives us options for the non gin drinkers as well.

There’s a Japanese Slipper and/or an amaretto sourJapanese Slipper


I was also thinking of jam jar cocktails and this grapefruit rosemary sour would be idea for that.

Clearly this is all leading up to a cocktail tasting night so Christina can make an educated choice!


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