Life Happened – Strasbourg and Pretend Parenting

So this week was all about Strasbourg, Despite that I spent Monday and work and Monday evening stressing about packing.

On Tuesday I had a slight problem before I eventually got on my plane and the second plane (from Amsterdam to Strasbourg) was the smallest plane I’ve ever been on.IMG_0029


Strasbourg Airport is about 10 minutes on the train from the airport but still felt like the middle of nowhere,IMG_2670At Strasbourg, Jo met me and took me to her flat where I spent most of the week, not that I was complainingIMG_2687IMG_2676IMG_2680I spent most of the week with Ms T, taking her to school and all the other things that parents and grandparents and nannies and godparents etc doIMG_2697

Ms T was mostly a trouper and yes some of it was difficult but I maintain my position that parenting effectively is not difficult but it is hard!

Jo came home on Saturday and we had a wander about Strasbourg in the rain.IMG_2718I came back to London with a cold but was really happy to have spent time with Ms T and Jo!

This week is all about work, what are you up to?

























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