January Plans

I didn’t expect January to be busy. It’s January, no-body likes January, it’s “an unsweetened rice pudding” of a month and I try to avoid doing too much planning and promising. January is the month when I naturally want to “stay in bed and eat  pies” because let’s be real here, getting back into the swing of work and early mornings, is plenty of things for me to cope with in winter. January 2015 feels like it’s going to be pretty full.

This week is all about getting back to work and routine. I need to join the gym (actually that’s done, I just need to get a pass and a tour!), take down the Christmas tree and get to work on time each morning and remember to bring a packed lunch!IMG_2569This weekend, I need to have the haircut I missed last week, go to Grace and attend Charles’ 70th birthday party, it’s on a Sunday night so I it can’t be a late night for me because I need to be at work on the Monday morning.

That Monday is my only day in the office, because on Tuesday 13th, I’m off to Strasbourg to mind Ms T for a couple of days, which has just been arranged, I feel it’s an exaggeration to say it’s last minute but as the possibility of going was only raised the week after Christmas, the tickets were booked on Sunday night and I only got official confirmation from work that I could take the leave yesterday, it feels very last minute!IMG_2453By the time I’m back from France, we’re more than halfway through the month! I don’t have anything else planned, so it should be a peaceful rest of the month!

What are you doing this month?


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