Life Happened – Post Christmas Funk and the New Year

Last week was very lazy.

I did some shopping in KingstonIMG_2618


Did NYE in normal grumpy fashion

Went to Ms T’s birthday partyIMG_2632IMG_2630

And in the process discovered just how loud 9 small children can be. Answer = very!

Christina and Tom came over for drinks, which Christina photographed..IMG_2636

IMG_2642There was some burning of wood that Tom brought back from South America (it smells nice!)IMG_2640And I missed my haircut due to the late night (and cocktails).

Now I’m back at work. I’m glad to have had the do nothing time and although I am looking forward to getting back into a routine, I have a feeling that 6am is going to come as a huge shock this week. Also the next couple of weeks are a bit odd. I’m at work this week, then one day next week and then off to Strasbourg to mind Ms T for a couple of days, which was a last minute thing, because we all know how fantastically I adapt to sudden changes in plan and routine (which is to say that I don’t, at all!)

Right, once more into the breach my friends….








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