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Even though I didn’t start of with the intention of it, I did a bit of  New Year’s sort out of the kitchen last week, mostly fuelled by the idea that people were coming over and I needed more surfaces to work on if I was going to entertain. It didn’t take more than a hour, and in that time. I cleaned and reorganised the cupboard under the sink, scrubbed the floors (they never look cleaner but I knew!) and threw some things that were gathering dust on the kitchen shelves away and felt much better.

I’ve done some digital clearing out too, mostly in the form of unsubscribing from emails and blogs that have either stopped updating or I’ve stopped reading. I’m a creature of habit, most of the blogs I read 3 or 4 years ago I still read but I have added a couple, here are the ones I currently love to see updates from.

Bookshelves of Doom

This blog (and the Smart Bitches) are why 2015 is a book diet year for me!

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

I have waxed poetic about the Bitchery before. Book reviews, cover snark, knitting patterns…there is nothing that I want more from life..

Back to Her Roots

BTHR is a really great place for food ideas. Lots of Cassie’s recipes have gone on to become a staple in my menu planning, I usually end up adapting some of the ingredients but so far they haven’t had a failure. Last year was a year of big change for Cassie and the blog has reflected that change but I really enjoy the open way that she’s approached the changes and while our lives are radically different, I always enjoy reading about her goals, food and challenges.

My Radical Commitment

Krissie is another person I couldn’t have less in common with, but I love how brave she is about trying new things and being emotionally open and honest.

Drogba’s Country

Full disclosure, I’ve met the author of this blog because he’s a friend of a friend, which makes it weird when you hear them on the World Service. It’s maybe while I like the blog, I know how committed he is to Cote d’Ivoire through his relationships so I know that his criticism is affectionate too.

Real Men Sow

My obsession with allotments continues, this is fun and one day it will be useful.

DIY Diva

This is another blog that details a life I’d be completely rubbish at living. I’m so totally a city person and I’m dangerous and slightly scary with power tools in my hands, but the stuff she takes on…amazing.

Cowgirl Runs

Ange does mad running things, loves her cat and is funny about bananas (which I totally get!). I boggle at her running achievements and that fact that it seems always to be snowing in Canada…

So what/who are your favourite blogs? Recommendations please?


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