Life Happened – The Finish Line

All of my energy last week seemed to go on work. I don’t think it actually did but it’s been so dark as we head towards the shortest day, I felt like all I did was get up, go to work and then come home and sleep. Oh and whinge. I was epically whiny, to the point that by Thursday, I was tired of myself and you know how it goes, when you are tired and just done with the right now and ready to be somewhere else and people just won’t co-operate. That was me for most of the week, I was running towards a finish line and people were preventing me from that line by being bloody stupid.

Where they actually being stupid? No. Mostly they were so busy concentrating on their finishing lines, they couldn’t see mine. Having said that we have deadlines for a reason and if you can’t meet them you need to communicate that BEFORE the deadline, not afterwards!

However, by Friday, I was fed up of leaving the house at 7.30am in the dark and dealing with crisis’ caused by other people not doing what I’d asked them to do and ready for the department Christmas lunch. Organised by me and a major cause of my irritation this week.IMG_2551My work week, ended with that lunch and so after that and several whiskeys in the pub. it was time to go home and  do other things.IMG_2550Having said that, on Saturday I did nothing. Well nothing is a strong word, I read 2 books, made lunch, slept loads, missed the Grace Christmas party and was generally a hermit. At some point I might need to address my hermit tendencies (and Ma and I did have a small talk about them on Sunday) but for the moment, I’m ok with them.IMG_2552Saturday’s inactivity meant that I was up at 8am to start doing things. Washing and tidying and making pastry and more cheese stars and generally I started to bring order to the chaos of my life. Christelle was going to come to lunch but was so ill on Sunday morning she decided not to. I had spoken to her on Thursday and given how ill she sounded decided that she probably wouldn’t be able to come over but she was hopeful that she would be better by then however, if anything she was worse on Sunday! So we’ll catch up in between Christmas and New Year, when she’s home from France. One of the things I had planned to do was take the washed towels and sheets to the launderette to dry in the dryers there rather than have them hanging about drying on racks in the flat. I did go to the launderette only to find that of 5 dryers only 2 were working. Grrrr….

This weekend my need to live in sheltered housing grew. Grandad lived in sheltered housing and Ma does now and both of those flats were/are so warm. Ma’s washing dries overnight…I’m the very definition of envious, because aside from the washing issue, her flat has the best cupboards!

I didn’t mean to but I bought a Christmas tree on Sunday, I asked the Christmas tree man if he’d be around on Tuesday and he said no but offered to deliver the one I was thinking about buying, on Sunday night, (and refused to take the cash until he’d come with the tree!).  So I rearranged the living room to accommodate the tree, although it will remain undecorated until Christmas Eve,IMG_2555This week is Christmas week and I won’t be at work, at all. So I’ll be making mince pies, more cheese stars, and maybe some Christmas Pudding Truffles and generally getting in the Christmas spirit!




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