Tuesday 4 November

Today I’m minus a tooth and in more pain than the tooth caused. So I’m grateful for painkillers and that I live in a world where antibiotics still work. Also not pictured ice! I’m grateful for ice to put on my sore face..


Wednesday 5 November

This is a repeat photo because I called in sick on Wednesday, I thought that I was going to work from home but the reality of sore face, sore throat and feeling like I’d been whacked with a brick, meant that I spent the day sleeping and resting. So thankful to have a understanding manager and team at work and thankful that it only took one day to recover.20141103-221657-80217005.jpg

Thursday 6 November

Ok this is an odd thing to be thankful for but issues with the train meant that I had to work from home and that was actually quite nice. The delays were caused by a person on the line, which is usually code someone who jumped in front of a train. So I’m thankful that things have never been so bad that jumping in front of a train seemed like a solution and I’m thankful for the people that keep me anchored in the world.



Friday 7 November

It’s is impossible to be uncheered by time with friends and martinis.


Saturday 8 November

I used to go to church every week and while I gave up doing that a while ago, I need my faith community more than I realise sometimes. So I’m thankful for Grace and the chance to share food and communion with them.20141109-192553-69953304.jpg

Sunday 9 November

Lots to be thankful for but I was very taken by the beautiful sky on the way home from Ma’s. I don’t like November but sometimes it reminds me that there is beauty even in the darkness.


Monday 10 November

Monday was a good day, nothing major, the trains were still packed, there was a lot of work but I was happy. I got home, ate dinner, sorted out the recycling because it’s Tuesday is rubbish day, tidied the kitchen and got ready for bed. I’m thankful for this day, for time to prepare for tomorrow and time and space to rest. The picture is the wall in the kitchen and sink and drainer empty of dishes… IMG_2398


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