Friday Links

1) I got 15 out of 15 on this quiz about alcohol from abroad…I’m still not sure whether to be impressed with myself or really worried.

2) How do we start English devolution? Apart from cost, I’ve still not heard a decent argument against 4 devolved parliaments and a federal government at Westminster. If devolved government is right for N.Ireland, Wales and Scotland, why not England. Give all of them the same powers, with Westminster dealing with currency, defence and so on, that way everybody is on an equal footing and no one can cry favouritism. My only request is that an English parliament is based somewhere northern and not London.

3) Ketch Secor’s Americana playlist..

4) YA doesn’t have to be a gateway to ‘better’ books.

5) Yesterday was the start of the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. I remember this being much less of a ‘thing’ when I was a younger but after Britain’s involvement in Iraq and Afganistan wearing a poppy has become a much more usual thing and people not wearing a poppy especially people in the public eye get a lot of flack. Last year, Harry Leslie Smith, wrote about why he’s not going to wear a poppy this year. Worth a read.


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