Food This Week – 27 September to 4 October 2014

Last week did not really go according to my menu plan at all. I didn’t eat dinner on Saturday and I ended up in Pizza Express with Ma on Sunday afternoon I didn’t have any dinner on Sunday night. Tuesday, I went out for dinner, and was out for lunch on Wednesday. All this really means is that I have lots of vegetables to eat this week.


Breakfast – Poached eggs on toast

Lunch – no plan. At the weekends I often don’t eat lunch.  Breakfast happens later (around 10am and then I just don’t get around to it.

Dinner – Brisket, mash some form of vegetable. As I’ve said many times, there’s nothing wrong with routine in cooking but I do try to cook new things and plan one really ‘meaty’ meal during the week. This hits both and as Ma is coming round on Saturday, this is a good ‘autumn is here’ company meal.



Breakfast – Ma is staying on Saturday night so breakfast at Papillon – hello coffee and pain au raisin.

Lunch – no plan.

Dinner – Pasta something. Pasta is often my default Sunday night meal. Easy and simple.




Breakfast – Breakfast pot.

Lunch – Work lunch to welcome our new member of staff and plan for my bosses leave to have his knee operated on!

Dinner – Roasted vegetables with lentils and flatbread



Breakfast – Breakfast pot.

Lunch – Roasted vegetables with lentils and flatbread, leftovers from Monday

Dinner – Black bean burgers with vegetables. I probably will serve them naked instead of in a bun depending on whether I get around to baking bread this week.



Breakfast – Breakfast pot.

Lunch – Lentil Soup probably with some added vegetables

Dinner – Dahl, flatbread and vegetables.



Breakfast – Breakfast pot.

Lunch – Black bean burger with added raw vegetables to snack on.

Dinner – No plan. By this point in the week, there are generally leftovers and veg in the fridge so I just make something up. If there aren’t leftovers, then there will be something in the freezer or I’ll make some soup.



Breakfast – Pain au Raisin. It’s why Fridays were invented

Lunch – Lentil Soup probably with some added vegetables

Dinner – Friday Night Pizza. Every Friday I’m home because tradition is good!



I don’t really snack at home but I do at work, so in addition to breakfast and lunch this is what I’m packing in my lunch bag.

  • Yogurt and pear honey
  • Apple custard pot – When making custard (from a packet – don’t judge me!) instead of sugar I add a apple puree to it trust me, it works
  • Dried mango – I have to portion this out into 35g bags, because I could happily eat all the dried mango all the time!
  • Carrots, peppers and a small pot of hummus


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