Food This Week – 20 to 26 September 2014

In order to give everyone (and myself) a better overview of what I eat in a week, I’ve decided to move the post to Saturday, because the weekend is when I shop and prep for the week and I don’t generally talk about what I eat at the weekend, which is generally where I’m not so healthy!


BreakfastBreakfast pot. This one has grated carrots, bulgar wheat, quinoa, seeds, and an egg in it. This was my go to breakfast last week and will be for most of next week.

Lunch – no plan. At the weekends I often don’t eat lunch.  Breakfast happens later (around 10am and then I just don’t get around to it.

Dinner – Pizza. Usually it’s a Friday thing but I was out on Friday and my Saturday plans got cancelled so pizza it is!



BreakfastPancakes. Sundays at home are usually breakfasts that take a bit more work, pancakes, waffles and a mini English breakfast are the most usual options.

Lunch – no plan.

Dinner – Sausage pasta. Probably something like this. Made with sausages from The Amble Butcher.



Breakfast – Breakfast pot. As Saturday with some mackerel in it. It keeps me filled up and it doesn’t set off any sugar cravings.

LunchLentil Soup

Dinner – Frittata



Breakfast – Breakfast pot.

Lunch – Frittata, the leftovers from Monday

Dinner – Halloumi and something. There is a lump of halloumi in the fridge and I need to use it up. Probably, I’ll grill it and serve with a lentils and vegetables.



Breakfast – Breakfast pot.

Lunch – Frittata, the leftovers from Monday

Dinner – Baked Falafel and salad. Another Back to Her Roots recipe!


Breakfast – Breakfast pot.

Lunch – Falafel and salad

Dinner – No plan. By this point in the week, there are generally leftovers and veg in the fridge so I just make something up. If there aren’t leftovers, then there will be something in the freezer or I’ll make some soup.



Breakfast – Pain au Raisin. It’s why Fridays were invented

Lunch – Falafel and salad

Dinner – Friday Night Pizza. Every Friday I’m home because tradition is good!



I don’t really snack at home but I do at work, so in addition to breakfast and lunch this is what I’m packing in my lunch bag.

  • Yogurt and pear honey
  • Apple custard pot – When making custard (from a packet – don’t judge me!) instead of sugar I add a apple puree to it trust me, it works
  • Dried mango – I have to portion this out into 35g bags, because I could happily eat all the dried mango all the time!
  • Carrots, peppers and a small pot of hummus


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