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Happy Friday, so yesterday Scotland voted on independence and decided to stay in the Union.

I have been ready for the vote to be done for at least a month, there were too many articles saying that independence would be the best/worst thing ever. So I mostly opted out of reading the newspapers this week and listened to Radio 4 (which according to the SNP was hugely biased in favour of the No campaign – I couldn’t see it but I’m sure that’s  ’cause I’m English not because the SNP was in a snit about being asked hard questions like “What is you plan if the Bank of England won’t let an independent Scotland into a currency union?”).

Now it’s about to get really interesting, we have England makes up 87% of the Union and has no devolved Parliament, with Welsh, N.Irish and Scottish MP’s get to vote on law in England. I think that it’s time to have a properly federal UK. Westminster for defence, finance etc and devolved Parliaments for each of the countries with equal powers. Currently Wales and N.Ireland have less powers than Scotland. The English Parliament is a risk but it needs to be somewhere other than London. Then all we need to do is sort out a financial settlement!

There is one more thing to say about this, it’s extraordinary that we can do this, if Ireland could have done this, history would have been way different. 97% of those that could vote were registered and 86% turnout, the highest since the 1951 general election. Proof that when people think they can make a difference they will vote, something for the political classes to think about.

1) Build landmarks into your life. I knew Friday Night Pizza was important!

2) This is a marathon, I’d happily sign up for!

3) A restaurant for tinned fish. Mmm, I’m not entirely sure about the concept, despite having fond memories of tinned salmon sandwiches and a thing about tinned mackerel in brine…

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