Friday Links

Happy Friday, it’s been a very stressy four day week and I’m so pleased I’ve got to Friday with my sanity more or less intact!

1) This profile of Robert Lustig and his war on sugar, was really interesting.

2) Why Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s lawyer is leaving the defense team—and the Army. Really you need to think hard when your own people are telling you it’s wrong. I don’t think this is just a US problem though, the UK system is probably full of similar examples.

3) 40-somethings and house sharing. All I have to say is no. Not because you should have your shit together at 40 but because the idea of sharing a house with a bunch of people gives me hives. Yes this is probably why I’m still single…

4) Suzanne Moore on the Rotherham scandal and all the other abuse scandals. One of the things I found hardest to understand about this (and Rochdale) is where the parents were. I know about the parents who went to police and were turned away and the parents who went to get their girls out of the abuser’s home and were arrested. I just can’t imagine a world were my mother didn’t know where I was when I was 13, where it wasn’t clear to me that grown men having any sort of sexual relationship with me at 13 was wrong, where if I had been raped and threatened my entire bloody family wouldn’t have raised merry hell. I think it’s a failure in me that because I don’t understand how this could have happened and because of that, I do understand how it could have been ignored. It’s really difficult to help children who’ve been abused. They are not meek and easy to help, they may have started off like that but by the time they are drinking and taking drugs and acting up and being mouthy, it’s difficult to help them change their behaviour and opinion of themselves. So it’s easier to blame them. And when it all comes out, it’s easier to blame the families for not doing enough or the social workers for not protecting them. Here’s the hard, cold truth, protecting children in these circumstances is really hard and very expensive. This is a problem with society and our inability to face hard things and pay to make them right and until we are prepared to do it, without screaming about racism or family breakdown or finding anyone to blame but ourselves, abuse like this will keep happening.

5) British embassy sparks angry tweets. I thought it was funny, they just don’t like it that they lost! (having to sue for peace = losing, especially as they started it!). And they killed Ned Pakenham, Harry Smith survived though, that man was lucky and he was horrified by the burning of Washington!

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