Food this week (the hot weather edition)

Apparently, it’s going to be hot all this week. Yes, I know it’s not as hot as other places, but it is six C hotter than normal for this time of year and it’s London, this city is really not designed for hot weather.



I especially don’t cope well with the hot weather, I’m not sleeping well (no one is sleeping well), I have huge bags under my eyes and along with everyone else would like to live in a fridge! My only goal this week is to do minimal cooking. I baked a loaf of sourdough on the weekend, boiled some eggs and the fridge is full of salad vegetables.


So breakfasts will be toast with a hard boiled egg and some ham and veg. Lunch will be cous cous salad or sprouted lentil salad.



Dinners will probably be oatcakes, hummus and some kind of protein. I may make a frittata or grill some halloumi but don’t count on it.





For snacks there will be cherries and smoothie ice lollies.



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