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This week has turned to complete chaos. Ok not complete chaos, just not as organised as it should be. I’m blaming the fact that I can’t walk properly or bend down and keeping up with ‘things that need doing’ is almost impossible when the only reasonably pain free position is on your back lying on a hot water bottle.


The list of things that need doing include taking down the air bed, currently in the living room (that Ma slept on Sunday night), taking the rubbish out, changing the bed and cleaning the bathroom. All of these things require bending that I just can’t do. It takes about half an hour for me to get dressed at the moment!


I am really proud that there are three. Count them..three trays of cinnamon rolls in the house that I have not eaten. Yes ok, I did have to put them in the freezer to prevent that but I’m still calling it a triumph of willpower. I mean look at these things, they are really good and I’m not scarfing them down.



The most popular post on this blog is the one about my Grandad’s bread pudding. It’s had over 2k views and yesterday someone tweeted about it. This seems apt, as tomorrow marks 16 years since he died. I don’t think about him every day but when I do think about him, I’m glad that I knew him and he was a part of my life, I know that lots of people don’t have good relationships with their grandparents but I’m thankful that I did.


Projects, there are ideas in my head at the moment that need to actually happen. There are some picture frames that need spraying black, knitting that needs to be done, photos to scan and a ton of other creative stuff that I need to start doing and I will as soon as I’ve finished reading the current book…


Yesterday, I overheard some of the most Waitrose conversations ever. A mother pointing out that buying ready to bake croissants and pain au raisin was actually saving her money because now she didn’t have to take the children to the cafe to buy them on Saturday morning. Which made me think about the things that we buy that seem over the top and/or extravagant but that save us money in the long run or help us feel better about ourselves. I would list my obsession with Dermalogica Microfoiliant and the Friday morning pain au raisin up there but I’m sure you all have some better examples.








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