Friday Links

Happy Friday, today I shall be mostly recovering from a migraine, what are you up to?

1) Don’t play the ‘I have kids’ card. Amen.

People without children have lives that are as legitimate and that they cherish as much as people who have children. This unwavering entitlement—I need time off; I have to have this holiday; I need to leave a half-hour before everyone else does, every day—kills office morale. (And obviously this doesn’t apply to emergencies.)

A family-friendly workplace can be a wonderful thing, but there is more than one way to have or to be family. And the quality of life for people without children shouldn’t be affected because someone is pulling the kid card

2) One of my pet hates.

To sum up: This is a blog post or a post or a blog entry. It is also a piece and an article. But it is not a blog

3) Jay Rayner on food miles. Very interesting.

according to this exceptionally detailed study from 2006, lamb, apples and dairy produced in New Zealand and shipped to Britain have a smaller carbon footprint than the equivalent products produced in Britain. To be exact, the UK uses twice as much carbon per tonne of milk solids produced as New Zealand, and four times the amount as New Zealand for lamb

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