Bread Rolls

On Saturday the urge to bake bread took hold, I used to bake bread a lot, but I don’t eat a lot of bread so unless there’s someone around to eat it I don’t.

I tried this recipe by Dan Lepard. Soft white baps, really good, soft white baps.


They were easy to make, and didn’t require lots of intensive kneading and attention.  I made the sponge in the morning, went and did the shopping, came back and made the dough and did the required three 10 second kneads over 30 minutes as I was doing other stuff.

The taste is amazing and on Sunday when I was dying of the hangover, these were perfect. They would be perfect burger or bacon rolls or sandwich rolls for lunch. The recipe made me 15 rolls, I weighed the dough at about 100g a roll rather than the 150g suggested in the recipe.

Go and try these, everyone deserves decent bread products in their life and these are so much better than anything I’ve ever bought in a shop.

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5 Responses to Bread Rolls

  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    These look perfect for burgers! I’m going to have to try this recipe

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