The Perspective Police

Yesterday I had a bad day.

It wasn’t a terrible day, it was just annoying and I had a headache for most of it and I wanted it all to be done.

So I went home and on the way home I called Tina, which is something I had been meaning to do and I do all my best thinking and talking when I’m walking. So I spoke to Tina and I had a drink and I ate my dinner and Ma called and she told me not to be so bloody grumpy and I pointed out that it’s easier to be cheerful when the rest of your work life is 60 bloody days and God willing, I’d be working for another 27 years.

Then I read this blog post and I remembered how blessed I am and sometimes ‘steel-capped boots of The Perspective Police’ are all you need but sometimes, I need to be reminded of how beautiful life is. I’ve been alive nearly 40 years and even that is not something that could have been guaranteed in my grandparents life time. I have a picture of my great-grandmother on my kitchen wall, she died in childbirth I think she was younger than I am now. I can read and write which honestly 150 years ago no one of my class would have been able to do to any degree of competency. That’s just some of the big stuff, I have friends that I love, I was 29 before I lost a parent, which is better than either of my parents managed (Dad was an orphan at 23 and Ma’s mother died when she was 14) and I got to keep the parent that liked me more than beer! I had a big chunk of trauma with Stef dying and people I thought I loved being gits, but I lived through it and wouldn’t go back to the person I was for the world. I can (just) keep a roof over my head and am pretty healthy. Life isn’t always easy and I’m not in any way going to pretend that it always and you shouldn’t be cross when it sucks is but there is always something to be grateful for and life is always pretty amazing..2012_0825mikeandchristellewed0300


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