Friday Night Cocktail

In the summer I made maraschino cherries, one of those jars is already gone, leaving me with the leftover preserving liquid, which is basically sweetened maraschino.

I wanted to do something with the leftover liquid so decided to adapt the Summer in a Glass that I made in the summer. I used the cherry syrup instead of simple syrup, less gin and a bit more and juice. You could do without the gin altogether but I felt that it didn’t hang together with no gin in it. I tried it with grapefruit juice and lime juice and preferred the lime, the grapefruit juice version was too sweet for me but would probably work for others so if you find the lime version too sour, try the grapefruit version!


It’s a summer drink really but it’s a little bit heavier than that so I’m calling it The Promise of Things to Come, because it’s a drink that looks forward to the summer! If you didn’t make your own cherries last summer, then hang on to the idea and this recipe. You really won’t be sorry if you do!



1/2 oz gin

1oz cherry syrup (from a jar of home made maraschino cherries)

1oz lime juice



1) Put the gin, cherry liquid and lime juice in a glass and stir.

2) Add the cherry

3) Top up with fizz.

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3 Responses to Friday Night Cocktail

  1. Cassie says:

    Oh! This looks so delicious!
    And I’m definitely making maraschino cherries as soon as cherries are in season. YUM!

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