Cocktail Cherries

I made some maraschino cherries for the birthday edition of Friday Night Cocktail and they were so good, I’ve been meaning to write about them here for ages. They feature in this week’s Friday Night Cocktail, so now would be a good time..

The recipe I used was this one, the only thing I wanted them to have was a bit more firmness.  So I read up a bit and using the same ingredients, I slightly changed the method.

I pitted and washed the cherries and soaked them in the alcohol. The next day I put them in jars and made up the syrup, poured it in the jars and sealed them. I’m now going to leave them for  6 weeks. I’ve made maraschino, rum and brandy versions. We’re right at the end of the cherry season, so if you want to make some do it quickly.

Once you’ve used all the cherries, you can use the syrup in a drink.  Tonic and a squeeze of lime worked really well with the last ones.

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5 Responses to Cocktail Cherries

  1. Did you add any other spirits besides the maraschino? Bourbon is a great addition to spike up cherries. Great post!

    • nicdempsey says:

      Thanks! I’ve made rum and brandy versions. I did think about bourbon but I only had very expensive stuff I wanted to drink not put on cherries. That might have to wait until next year!

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