Friday Night Cocktail: Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz. I know it’s supposed to be a summer drink and it is  but look at that colour, it just brings joy by being orange and so is festive. Aperol seems to be becoming more available and more popular. I think that this is due to the general interest in bitter drinks at the moment. However, bitterness is an acquired taste and Aperol is sweeter than say Campari and is therefore slightly easier to drink for bitter novices! A category I almost certainly fall into…


The recipe is on the back of the bottle it uses parts, which makes it easy to size up for a  party. I give the recipe to make one and use ounces. The only change I made is not to use an orange but a clementine because I didn’t have an orange and clementines are more festive.



3oz prosecco

2 oz aperol

Slice of clementine

A dash of soda water (I measured this a couple of times and in my house it’s somewhere between half an oz and an oz)


1) Fill a glass with ice

2) Add everything else and gently stir.

3) That’s it!


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