Friday Night Cocktail

Friday Night Cocktail is back! Blaming it’s absence on lack of new cocktail drinking and sickness!


Today, our team is going out for lunch and then to Bounce to play ping pong (or whiff whaff if you’re Boris Johnson!). My ping pong skills are worse than my bowling, so it should be interesting! When it was being organised, we had a couple of options and the first thing I did was look at the drinks menu of each of the choices. I voted against the cocktail making class, because the cocktail menu of the bar in question didn’t have a negroni or a gin martini or a manhattan or even an old fashioned on the menu but an espresso martini, a porn star martini and a woo woo all made it on the list. I’m a snob so sue me!


The Bounce menu is supposed to be a homage to a gin palace (although I counted three gins on the list, Beefeater, Beefeater 24 and Hendricks, I have more gin than that in my cupboard at home!) and the Gin Lane Spritz caught my eye. Gin, Aperol, Kamm and Sons, fresh orange, topped with prosecco. My love of the Aperol Spritz is well known as is my love of Kamm and Sons, it was one of those moments where I slapped my forehead and said “why didn’t I think of that?”. I have no idea if this is anything like the one at Bounce, I’ll know this afternoon but this is my take on it!



2oz freshly squeezed orange juice

1oz aperol

1oz gin

1 oz Kamm and Sons

Just over 2 oz prosecco


1) Pour everything except the prosecco into an ice filled shaker and stir together.

2) Pour into a flute and top up with prosecco.

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