The Weekend

It is Monday morning and although, I am working this morning, I’m at home, so I sort of feel that the weekend isn’t quite over, also at 3pm this afternoon there will be the Carols and Lessons from Kings and it will be Christmas and another two days not at work. So the weekend.

On Friday night, there was drinks with the guys from work, followed by a 2 hour journey home (transport this week has been dreadful), there was a quick visit from the ginger cat followed by pizza (roasted veg, pancetta and mozzerella) and the first batch of meat sauce for the Boxing Day lasagne.




Saturday dawned miserable and raining and I spent most of it tidying the house. I did go out but only as far as the cheese shop! On our Christmas cheese board, Keltic Gold, St Chevier Ash, Dorstone, Old Amsterdam and Crozier Blue.


I finally got around to mince pie making (these aren’t cooked but I forgot to get a picture of them!)


I clearly needed to get some sleep and retired to bed early for a busy Sunday. Not before I put up the horses and stars..


Sunday was all about food shopping. I feel like Ma and I bought all the food and all the wine, but it was nothing compared to the man in front of us in Sainsburys. £502 that’s a lot of Christmas food right there!

We also bought a tree, which is sitting in my living room waiting to be decorated tomorrow evening!


So all that’s left now is washing the sofa covers, doing some last minute shopping for presents and Wensleydale to go with the Christmas cake (it works much better than you think) and all the present wrapping. Oh and making pavlova.


After that, there will be, not necessarily in this order, Christmas music, manhattans, tree decorating, fish pie, champagne, a walk, presents, roast beef and yorkshire puddings, watching The Philadelphia Story and what mother likes to call ‘jolly japes’!


I hope you have a happy Christmas and enjoy the time, however you choose to celebrate.

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2 Responses to The Weekend

  1. myfitfoot says:

    ‘Jolly Japes” …. are the best type of activities, any time of the year.

    Merry Christmas Nic!

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