April Goals

First things first, March was a bad month, actually most of February was bad and the badness continued into March. Work was so busy and stressful (I’m doing the work of 3 people, having had 5 weeks training). That feeling of being overwhelmed and overcommitted coloured every aspect of my life. I stopped bootcamp, spent some time with a counselor and slowly started to pull myself out of the hole. I did have an end date to the chaos at work, as a new person was due to start in the middle of March. I figured by the end of March, things would be easier at work, despite the added task of having to train someone. It was all going to be ok, until the new person left last week (no notice and the only feedback was that she had been offered another job) and I caught a cold, not fun. So I’m back to square one.

This is what I’ve learnt, not achieving anything outside of work is as disheartening as the stress at work. Despite the office world of crazy, I’m need to find a way to make my life balance a bit better.

With all that in mind, March’s goals were:

1) 5k a day. I walk roughly 2.5k on an average weekday, I’m going to increase my mileage by upping it to 5k. That could be 3k on the treadmill or even outside during a lunch hour, it could be a run, I’m not fussed. I got this done 50% of the month. 

2) Sit ups, press ups, squats. 5 times a week I will do 3 sets of 10 of each. This isn’t going to be my only exercise but I really need a kick up the bum so little and often. Fail, fail big fat fail..

3) Sewing, this weekend I picked up the cross stitch for the first time in months and I need to finish this thing before this young lady turns one. So 2 hours a week. Pass.

4) All the Friday Night Cocktails (that’s 5 in March) will come from this book about which I will talk at length later on. Pass, with thanks to Michael for coming round and helping me make, taste and badly photograph them.

It’s still Lent, I haven’t had flowers in the house and have found it strange how much I’ve missed them, however, I also have £20 to go to Shelter. I haven’t read the book as planned and I’ve tried to ‘choose joy’ and see the good.

On to April goals.

1) Money. In the chaotic last few weeks, I’ve been over spending. That stops now. I did a big grocery shop on Saturday so the freezer is full, for the rest of the month I will not spend more that £100. (£10 on food per week and the rest is to account for exciting things like dry cleaning!)

2) Exercise. I’ve sucked at almost every exercise goal I’ve set this year but I feel better when I do it. So I’m going to commit to the C210K programme, I did it last year and loved it.

3) Exercise 2. Fit in a person training session with Jem. It helps, he’s a pain in the arse sometimes, but he’s also quite inspiring.

4) The demon drink. After Easter, no booze until my holiday on May 12th. This means that all Friday Night Cocktail posts have to be done this weekend or they will be non-alcoholic.

5) Personal care. It’s not going to get less busy so I need to look after myself. Bed by 10pm on a school night and taking my vitamins and supplements every day.

That will most definitely do!

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