Confession Time

Yesterday, I read this post. Go ahead and read it, it’s a great post.

Been there. After Stef died, I lost nearly 3 stone (I lived in the gym cause it helped me sleep and I didn’t really eat much ’cause I was sad.) I held at that weight for about 18 months but it slowly crept back up and I’m pretty much back to the weight I was when Stef died. I’m probably a bit fitter now but I talk about it like I used weigh this and I don’t anymore. But I do. I weigh a lot and clothes that used to fit, don’t anymore.

I’ve talked about my weight and about what I’d like to do this year in terms of dropping it. We are now into April, 4 months into the year and I’ve done exactly nothing about it.

Nothing, I’ve not been careful about my eating or drinking and I’ve not done much about exercise. I can point to work being stressful being the reason I’ve done nothing, I can point out that I have dodgy knees and they hurt when I exercise. All of this is true, none of it is good enough. It stops now.

Cassie at Back to Her Roots, seems (from what I know of her from her blog) like a lovely person and I like her blog, I like the way she writes and I loved the Guinness Chocolate Pudding but I don’t know her.  However, I needed to admit I’ve been rubbish and get back on the horse and do something about my weight and my eating. Cassie’s very honest post gave me an additional push and sometimes need that…

I did.

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