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Cassie at Back to Her Roots, has a What I Ate post every Wednesday and I find it quite interesting because she always eats quite interesting stuff. Whereas Monday to Friday my diet is fairly monotonous with breakfast and lunch being pretty much identical every day.

On Friday in Sainsburys, 2 people in the queue commented on how healthy my shopping was so I thought I’d share that, though I can’t promise I’ll do it every week!

In case you can’t see it all, here’s the list and what they’re for:

Nectarines  – snacks

7 peppers (yes 7 – I love pepper but never green ones!) – breakfast and lunches

Grapes  – lunches and breakfast

2 pomegranates – lunches and snacks and maybe this sunday for pomegranate martinis!

Carrots – breakfast and lunches and lentil soup

1 packet stir fry veg – dinner

1 packet ready prepared leek and cabbage – dinner

1 packet chestnut mushrooms – breakfast and when I come home hungry I eat some raw mushrooms and then make dinner

1 bunch spring onions – dinner for a new recipe I’m trying this week

Radishes – breakfast

Hummus – lunch

1 large packet of smoked salmon – breakfast (yep I eat smoked salmon for breakfast)

10 slices parma ham – 1 slice for lunch, 1 for a snack, Monday to Friday

2 packets mixed seafood – dinner and snacks – I love seafood

4 perle de lait lemon yogurts – mid afternoon snack

Cottage Cheese – dinner, for a recipe I’m trying

Red Lentils – dinner, for soup

Quinoa – dinner, for a recipe I’m trying

Sleep easy tea – this is the tea I drink after dinner in the hope it helps me sleep better, it also tastes nice!

2 packets 9-barsbreakfast, I am slightly obsessed with these I won’t eat all of them over a week but I’ll want to!

Given that this is the list, you might what to get some idea of what I eat for breakfast and lunch.


Morning Snack


Afternoon Snack

There are lots of comments that you can make about this. You can say that it’s not healthy, or too restricting and if you think those things, that’s fine. For me, I’m never hungry and I don’t feel deprived and it stabilises my mood, (I get a piece of dark chocolate it there too!), I also get a dinner every night and I haven’t included those. I am currently about 2 and a half stone overweight and I need to lose that, this helps. If I get to the stage where I feel hungry I’ll change it!

If you want to tell me what you think of it or what works for you, I’ll welcome that!

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