#resound11: Extraordinary Ordinary

Have you ever heard the expression “God is in the details?” Or, perhaps, “the devil is in the details?”

In college, I had an instructor who would circle the most minuscule omissions in red pen and write that phrase: God is in the details. Accidentally double space after a period when the rest have single spaces? Red pen. God is in the details. Barely noticeable typography goof-up? Red pen. God is in the details.

Annoying, right? Right, but insightful. At the time I was annoyed because I had five classes of nothing but writing and creating and the last thing on my mind was a tiny, forgotten detail. When you think about it though, it is the details that make up our lives: little, seemingly insignificant details, choices, and moments that make up our life, make up our story.

Sometimes the most ordinary, mundane things can turn into extraordinary moments. What was one of your most extraordinary ordinary moments this year?

My entire year has been ordinary and extraordinary. I have been trying over the last few years to appreciate the beautiful, ordinary things in my life. It’s been a difficult couple of years. Stand outs this year have been how some of my friends, Tina, Max, Kathy and Bex have, as if by magic, called me and suggested a coffee or a walk just at the point I was feeling really blue.

On one of those walks, with Tina, we came upon mushrooms growing in the park…that seemed like magic

Watching these kids grow this year and learn to walk and talk, that’s been extraordinary ordinary:

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