Bootcamp round up

I finished bootcamp!

It’s a simple idea. 6 weeks, 12 exercise sessions and following Jem’s ‘Better Body Plan‘.

I really needed to kick start working out again and can’t afford personal training so this seemed like a good idea. It was.

It was also cold, rainy, dark and muddy but I did it and lost 9lbs in the process.

The weight loss hasn’t been the best thing although getting back into my ‘take no prisoners’ work trousers!! The best thing has been how it’s made me feel, the combination of diet and exercise has helped with the SAD and stabilised my mood. This is the first winter in an age that hasn’t felt like a slog although it’s been the most challenging and I’ve done the last 4 weeks without my sunrise lamp which is usually a disaster.

I will be doing the next one in February but meanwhile, I’ve joined the gym around the corner from work (on the company scheme so £20 a month!) and on Friday did my first class and will be using it three times a week. I’ll also be sticking to most of the diet rules and am determined, as I enter Christmas to keep that weight off.


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