#resound11: Discovery

Today’s prompt is brought to you by Krissie from Questions for Dessert and @krissieb.

We learn new things every day. Processes change at work. We meet new people. We cook new recipes. We are constantly learning and growing.

But sometimes we learn something that qualifies as a discovery. A piece of new information – a feeling, a song, a place, an event, a book, a random fact – can sometimes change our view on the world and our place in it. Discovery can bring on positive change, but sometimes discovery is hard. Sometimes it causes conflict. But after a discovery, something about you just isn’t quite the same.

What discovery did you make in 2011? What kind of impact did it have on how you view the world today?

How will you resound?

The discovery I made this year is that I can do impossible things. Not really impossible things, I’m not going to be leaping over tall buildings or anything, but things that I thought I couldn’t do actually I can. I can find contentment when things are horrible, I can find the time to exercise, I can do things that at the beginning of the year I thought I couldn’t do.

This has led to some changes, I find myself giving up some things to achieve the things I really want to do. I want to exercise and I have to work, so sometimes I’m going to turn down a night out in the middle of week so I can do the things I need and want to do.

It’s not easy, but I can do it!

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