Christelle Getting Married

In August 2012, Christelle is marrying Mike. About time too..they’ve been disgustingly in love for over 8 years…

Christelle is one of my dead prostitute friends. That doesn’t mean that she is a dead prostitute, it means that if I woke up in a hotel room that contained me and a dead prostitute, she’s one of the people that I would call to help dispose of said dead prostitute…and vice versa.

In fact so strong is my affection, I would if she required it, even get dressed up in a fluffy bridesmaid’s dress for her wedding. However, Christelle is a true friend and content in the knowledge that I would if asked, hasn’t asked me to. Also she’s French and bridesmaids aren’t a French tradition. I am going to be her witness, calmer of nerves, holder of bag full of stuff she might need on the day and organiser of hen night/weekend.  I have also been to the wedding dress shops with her.

It needs to be noted that I’m not really a real girl in that I’ve never really wanted a big white wedding* basically because I’m too bloody lazy and, as I am learning via Christelle, there are so many things to do and think about. However, Christelle is not me and as I have discovered looks really good in a wedding dress!

We’ve been to 3 shops and Christelle has tried on about 15 dresses. On Saturday, she found ‘the dress’, it was perfect. Looked amazing, fitted beautifully and was on sale. It really felt like it was meant to be and so she bought it. So we have added another thing to my list of ‘not quite a bridesmaid’ duties, keeper of the dress (I think that I need to up my contents insurance!)

So I have landed on planet ‘not quite a bridesmaid’, I’m quite surprised to be here. I’m also really surprised at how strange and exciting it is for Christelle to have the dress, we really didn’t think that she’d have it until sometimes next year.

Wonder what else I’ll learn before August.

*I feel I should also point out that I’m totally aware that it’s not likely to happen, I’m getting too long in the tooth to do the blushing bride thing anyway and I am totally not skinny enough to be comfortable in white..

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