The last few days

A couple of weeks ago, I ran out of CQ10 and because being unemployed goes hand in hand with having no money, I didn’t get any more. This turned out to be a mistake because I spent Tuesday with a migraine. Now when I say migraine I don’t mean a bad headache. A bad headache is manageable with painkillers, a migraine is lots of pain, occasional vomiting and a need to be in the dark. You don’t actually die but wish you had because then your head wouldn’t hurt.

Yesterday, I felt concussed and had red marks all over my face when I woke up, no I really don’t know how either, but it looked liked I had spent the night pressing my fingers onto my face. Who knows maybe I have…

So Tuesday was a complete waste of a day, yesterday was like wading through treacle, very, very slow.  I did do some things though. I sewed, I spoke to godson no 1, who is coming to London next week. Which his mother and I have been asking him to do for months. (Something I have never understood, is why we always make out that small children are hard work and it gets easier as they get older. Physically, that’s true, with toddlers you don’t get lie in’s but loving adult children is harder, yes you get more sleep and if you are really lucky they view you as friends but you can’t make everything better for them and they will insist on doing what they want to do rather than what you think is best. I’m pretty sure that Ben and I have caused Ma to worry more as adult than we ever did as children!), I’ve arranged to meet Max and Murphy next week, I’ve organised a trip to the cinema (Ides of March) and made more lentil soup.

However, dynamic is not a word you can assign to the last few days.  Today, the weather is miserable and Giles Fraser resigned from St Paul’s. Whatever you think of the Occupy London Stock Exchange protests (I would like them to have a mission statement other than bankers are bad ie support for the Tobin Tax, a halt to bonuses of over a £1000 if you work for a bank that is still being bailed out are two that spring to mind) they have a right to protest, they do seem to be working hard to re-arrange the camp to meet St Paul’s concerns and St Paul’s don’t seem to be aiding that. It seems to me that you would find Jesus in the protest not with the bankers, what with throwing the moneylenders out of the Temple and the ‘ it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven’ speech, it would be nice if the Church could remember that…




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