Books read in September

54. Starcrossed  – Elizabeth Bunce

I need to stop reading Bookshelves of Doom. Generally, if Lelia liked it, I will and it will make my bank manager cry and Amazon happy. Loved this, loved Digger and how she changes over the course of the book but at the same time, how her changes aren’t out of character. Looking forward to the next one.
55. Pink Sugar – O. Douglas

I found this in during T&C’s move, Tina has a couple of copies of it. O.Douglas was John Buchan’s sister and like his books this is very of it’s time. I could see the end coming from a mile away but enjoyed it all the same.
56. 0.4 – Mike Lancaster

Godson no. 3 read this (he’s 10 so it’s a bit ahead for him) and loved it, because “it’s  a really creepy idea”. It is and it’s one for the boys.
57. Warm Bodies – Issac Marion

More zombie novels. I really enjoyed this, not in the way I enjoyed The Reapers are the Angels, it didn’t make me cry but I loved the idea of the inner world of the zombie.
58. Dead Until Dark – Charlene Harris

This is the first of the True Blood books. It’s like fast food, I liked it while I read it and I wanted to read the next one but I can imagine that the writing style gets old quickly. (I bought this in an omnibus with the next two books, so I’ll let you know!) The ideas are great but the execution is pedestrian. One thing happens, then another, then another and then it ends.
59. Lola and the Boy Next Door – Stephanie Perkins

This is sort of a sequel to Anna and the French Kiss. It was lovely but I didn’t enjoy Lola as much as I enjoyed Anna. Lola as a heroine felt a bit more made up, whereas Anna’s film reviewing felt like her, Lola’s dressing up felt a bit contrived. I think it’s great that the guys in these books aren’t perfect physical specimens and are human beings who make mistakes and muck up, I’m not sure that even, or especially, for teenagers I like that this books sells an idea of getting together at school and being that couple for the rest of your life. (Yes, I know there are people who get married young and have long and happy marriages but not many and it’s not easy.)

Ok, October so far has been light and fluffy, but I’m back on a history binge (all those castles last month).

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