The long commute…

Living at my mother’s house has been a revelation.  There’s a magic laundry basket – you put dirty clothes in and they come back to you washed and ironed*.

There is also a lunch making fairy, strict recycling rules** and a front door that needs a new lock***

But there is also a long, three train, commute.  So just after the 7am news, I leave the house, I walk to the station and catch the 7.27^ to Waterloo.

At about 7.45, I get to Waterloo and get Tube to Paddington.  At Paddington I get the 8.15 train to Reading.  I’m at my desk at roughly 8.45am.

Going home is the same journey in reverse.

It’s such fun….


*It should be pointed out that when I was a teenager there was a washing fairy at home but no ironing fairy, you did it yourself or paid Mum…£1 per item ironed – no really..

**Thank you Kingston Council for your rather bizarre rubbish collecting rules

***I know you read this Ma and you need to sort it out!!

^Ma, in common with her father and her son, can always be relied on to memorise a train timetable. I, like my father, cannot.

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