Monday Miscellany: January 2023

Happy Monday!

It’s the first Monday of the year, I think I probably say this every year, but the last 12 months flew by, and I’m surprised to find myself at the start of another year.

December felt brutal but this last week to do Christmas and New Year has been a rest. It’s been a lovely time where I’ve managed some time to rest and to be social.

Christmas Day was just Mum and me and we did manage to grow most of the veg for Christmas dinner! We caught up with Ben and Lu and the boys on Thursday and it was a really lovely relaxed afternoon.

Although January is underway, I don’t go back to work until tomorrow, so I’m taking today to get myself ready for it, with housework and prep. January isn’t a terribly busy month, but once the tree comes down, I need to start packing up the flat in preparation for leaving it at the end of January. Yes, finally the builders are coming to replace the kitchen and do a bunch of other things that my landlord feels is necessary (fusebox replacement, new lights in the hall, replastering of one of bedroom walls, acoustic underlay in the kitchen). It’s great that it’s being done but it does mean that I have to pack up the kitchen, cupboard of doom and bedroom and fit it all into the living room and move out for a couple of weeks. On the plus side, I’ll be in the office every day for a couple of weeks and it’s a great opportunity for me to paint the bedroom and sort out a wardrobe (finally – only taken 13 years!). It’s just a hassle, working out what I need to take to Ma’s and imposing on her for a couple of weeks, we’ve done it before but we were both working then but this time the commute is easier!

Have a good week, I hope that re-entry is smooth!

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