The weekend, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Odd Hair…

….ok, so at the moment I am a little obsessed by the weekend.

This is largely because work is taking up such a chunk of my head that I don’t do huge amounts in the week except travel to work, work and sleep. (And worry about the still unremoved dead rat)

But no work tomorrow….so I can stop worrying about work and start wondering what they did to Shia LaBoeuf’s hair in the new Indiana Jones movie to make it look so wrong.  I found myself obsessing about said hair during the film.  It’s supposed to be a DA but he doesn’t have the hair for it, so the make up lady, basically did the best she could and used a lot of hairspray. It looked like a weird helmet and I worried about how they brushed it out.  You couldn’t have got a brush through it.  I decided that they must have had a special mallet that they used to crack it open every night.  Was the film any good?  No. It was deeply ok.  I didn’t come out feeling cheated but I struggling to remember much about it, except that hair……

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